Below are some of the reviews we have received on our day planner.  We hope that after using the Detailer, we can add yours.

I just received my 2015 calendar updates.  Excellent service, as usual.  I’ve been using this daytimer/organizer system for over a year now and I am really pleased.  I picked the wild floral pattern because it cheers me up even when I really don’t want to see how busy my week is going to be.  For me, one of the best features is the system for making notes and daily lists which I cannot live without.  If I don’t get everything done, my to do’s don’t get forgotten when I turn the page.  I just move my list forward because it is separate from the date page.  Watch the video–you’ll see.
Piccolo5150 – comment from YouTube
I love this Detailer.  The customer service is excellent.  Wish I had found this years ago! So happy with it.  Thanks Gail.
Marilyn Wylie – comment from YouTube

The Detailer is the best organizer that I have ever used. I really like that it is so compact and durable so that I can carry it in my handbag wherever I go. It has so many features that are practical and easy to use. My favourites are the individual telephone/address pages, the weekly calendar at a glance with lots of space and added pages for notes. Also the clear plastic pouches for my catch all of receipts, stamps and vitamins are so handy……Angyline Millar, Ontario, Canada


Today my Detailer Planner arrived! I was tickled to find that it had arrived so quickly! Thank you! I also wanted to commend you for using a high quality paper. And the calendar pages are bold and easy to read. I can’t wait to move into it!       Susan J, Hawaii

I have had a Detailer since about 1993.  It has been very handy as I have everything in one place and it’s bound in such a way that nothing can fall out. I don’t have to have several calendars, as I use the Detailer at home and on the go.  I also keep addresses and phone numbers, which I may need unexpectedly.  The address sheets are free form, which is helpful, as otherwise, I may not have space for all the information I need on a person or company.

I’d like to add something about the (black) cover , that it is quite durable, which I appreciate as it goes from desk or table, to purse or briefcase daily. There are no worn corners or pages falling out.          Barb G, Vancouver BC


In the never ending quest of simplifying life and organizing the details which help us to do so, I am sharing with you, my friends, my most recent tool and companion – the Detailer.   I am a big planner advocate and rely on mine to keep me organized with various commitments but also for managing contact and communication information- especially on the go. I am always ready to refresh myself and learn how to better manage myself with regard to maximizing my time.

There are many features which make The Detailer an excellent partner for the woman on the go. First of all the lightweight, durable cover and portable size make it easy to carry along in a pocketbook or other bag. I appreciate the week view as that is how I tend to plan and look at my schedule. There is also a small month in view calendar included for planning and schedule perspective. Keeping contact information available and accessible when I need it is always a challenge.   The Detailer has an excellent system  to help manage information on an ongoing basis.
One of the features which is a great information management for Phone/Addresses option is the mini sheet system which allows you to easily organize the info in a way that makes sense to you. Name and Phone number is easy to see, additional information can be listed.
The Companion allows you to store sheets which may be seasonally used or not needed on the go.           Dawn P   Rhode Island

I don’t know that I use the Detailer day planner to the fullest yet, but I do like that I can keep all sorts of info in it and do away with weird lists and stickies all over.  Plus, I love the feel of the cover!  It is so flexible and easy to take with me.  Karen S, Orange County CA





2017 Weekly Calendar now available

2017 Weekly Calendar now available