How would I use the companion?

The companion has a duplicate set of alphabetical indexes and can be used to keep all the address/telephone numbers that you currently do not need to carry with you.  It can also hold calendar pages that you have used or will use in the future.  (You only have to carry the current month or two in the Detailer.)  You may also want to keep notes, journal pages, etc. from the Detailer.

How can I use the Detailer to reference things like books and movies I have read or heard about?  

The Detailer is perfect for this.  Keep a running list under the appropriate alphabetical index – B for books, M movies, R restaurants and so on.  It is so rewarding when you want this information and it’s there!

What about the miscellaneous notations that don’t require a whole page?

Keep a page with a general list of these items under each alphabetical index.  An example might be that you are looking for curtains and have written the window dimensions on your W page.  You could also use a mini page placed under W for that information.

How does the Detailer eliminate misplaced notes?  

Put all those miscellaneous pieces of paper you want to keep for future reference in the pocket provided in the appropriate alphabetical index.  This works well for receipts, articles, pictures, tickets, etc.

How can I use the Detailer for couponing? 

Use the pockets under each alphabetical index to keep your coupons.  You   may want to file them according to the product or the store where they are redeemable.

I have a smart phone, why would I use the Detailer?

There are some of you out there who wouldn’t dream of using paper, but many still want that option.  You may or may not want to use every component.  However, you might like having a place to hold paper and a pen and even wish to use the filing system for notes and miscellaneous papers/coupons.

How can I use the Detailer for journaling?  I don’t like to carry an extra book with me when I am out.

You can use the white lined note paper under ‘J’ while you are out and place it in the Companion binder when you get home.  If you keep your journal pages in the companion with the past calendar pages…they can complement each other.

I’m a soccer mom.  Can the Detailer accommodate me as well as a special ‘mom’ planner can?

The Detailer adapts to everyone’s situation.   You can put all activities on the planning calendar and elaborate on the to-do sheets.  Besides your regular to do lists and reminders, you may need to use one for a bake sale, one for the PTA meeting, etc.  You can also use referenced pages under the alphabetical indexes for every kid, every team, and every class.  Hopefully, you can also find time for some non-mom activities.  The Detailer can handle it all.

How can I keep only the addresses I need with me? 

I suggest you use the companion for keeping your addresses at home and only carry those mini sheets which you need in the Detailer for local telephone number or addresses.  You might also want to keep directions on the mini sheet.

When you travel, carry only the mini sheets that apply to people you know in that destination.

How can I keep track of gas expenses / mileage in the Detailer?

You could keep track in the daily note space below the planning calendar or have a page under ‘M’ for mileage.  This could also apply if you have to keep track of business expenses.

I like to have some puzzles and word games with me to use while I am waiting for appointments.  How could that work with the Detailer?

You could keep the games in the pockets under the appropriate alphabetical listing or in one of the cover pockets.  I would suggest keeping a piece of cardboard in the back cover with paper clips so you could attach the game and have a hard backing.  This could apply to art ‘on the go’ as well.  Just attach  a blank sheet of paper from the Detailer and let your creatively flow.

If somebody recommends a good business or service, where could I note that?

The yellow (classified page) under each alphabetical index is the perfect place to note and refer to when needed.  Use the sheet under ‘P’ for plumber, ‘S’ for spa, ‘L’ for lawyer (and hope you don’t need that one).




2017 Weekly Calendar now available

2017 Weekly Calendar now available