Day Planner Features  –

Please take a look at the features of the Detailer Day Planner that interest you.  You will find that the Detailer is one of the most comprehensive compact day planners on the market – easy to use and adapt to your needs.   Not cosmetic or complicated.

Day Planner Covers

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Pockets in front and back covers
  • Pen/pencil holder
  • Secure closure
  • Choice of classic black or oilcloth varieties

Weekly Planning Calendar

A week-at-a-glance vertical format makes it very easy to see how your week is shaping up and what times you have open for additional appointments/events.

  • Your timed events are separated from your  daily notes
  • General note paper is included within your planning calendar to keep those to-do lists and reminders front and center.  You can use as many sheets as you wish to elaborate on a particular day or event.  No need to re-write your notes for the following week — just transfer the note paper.

Notebook and Filing system –

Make your life easier – no more misplaced notes and miscellaneous pieces of paper.

  • No pre-designated tabs – keep the information you need under the appropriate alphabetical index where you will find it later.
  • Keep track of shopping lists, expenses, and areas of interest such as books, movies, music

Filing pockets  (located under each alphabetical index)

These handy pockets hold of all your loose paper, coupons, tickets, receipts, etc. where you will easily find them under the appropriate alphabetical index when needed


Optional Address /Telephone Section for our day planners

There is no separate section for this function.  You can add how ever many listings you wish to keep under the alphabetical indexes already in place.

The mini sheet system

  • A perpetual system that is easily updateable  – (never redo your address book again)
  • No restrictive blocking of space – enter all pertinent data you wish to keep
  • The top two lines show names and telephone numbers at a glance
  • Attach business cards to individual sheets to file alphabetically

The full sheets

Use these sheets for a running list of names and numbers — an alternative to the mini sheets when you don’t need space for additional data

The Classified / Referral sheets

These yellow pages are for easy reference to businesses offering services or products


2017 Weekly Calendar now available

2017 Weekly Calendar now available